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Meximan - A Lesson In Giving

Miguelito always had questions while growing up in La Paz, Mexico. He ended up learning from his mother, Mrs. Dulce, that the answers to some of his questions would one day come with a big lesson to learn.

The truth about Miguelito is that the solution to his problem had always been right in front of him. Because of this, he was able to make a great difference and finally put a smile on everyone's faces for a change.


About The Author

Maria FelicianoMaria Feliciano was born in Brooklyn, New York. Her patriotism to her country led her to become a member of the United States Army. She helped the disabled and elderly with food and shelter resources while working with FEMA, and helped bring the GAMMA House Program in Camden, New Jersey into compliance.

In the 1990s, she coordinated with the City to demolish abandoned homes in the South Camden, New Jersey area. This project made way for a community revitalization. As a prior service veteran of the United States armed forces, Maria feels that we all have a purpose in life no matter how big or how small it may be.


“Meximan” is dedicated to my parents Mildred Ruiz and Delfi Feliciano.

Mom, throughout the years, you have always taught me about your struggles and because I listened with a tender ear, I learned how to master true empathy for human life.

Dad, you were always straightforward with me, and always reminded me how much better I can be when I pay attention to detail and learn to love myself and give myself a chance.

I also dedicate Meximan to my daughters Desiree and Caprice for giving me the inspiration to write this book. Also, to my granddaughter Nathalya for making me want to strive to do more in life.

To Rafael for being my guide and mentor at times. You have helped me through the good and bad.

“For in childhood we learn and in adulthood we strive to be a better example in life.”

Meximan - A Lesson In Giving

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